Six Degrees of Where is My Pop! Kevin Bacon?

Today is National Kevin Day, making October 3 the ideal time to pose a simple question to Funko.

Pop! Kevin BaconWhere is our Kevin Bacon Pop! vinyl figure?

The Golden Globe winner and 2001 MTV Award nominee for Best Villain (Hollow Man) does not need an introduction. With 93 screen credits, there’s a wealth of Pop! Kevin Bacon characters to choose from.

So to help with your decision process, we’d like to play a little game we call “Six Degrees of Where is My Pop! Kevin Bacon?

Shout out some names and we’ll see if we can connect Funko and Kevin Bacon. Let’s play!

Pop! Kevin Bacon – Flatliners

Let’s start with a random superhero. Who is more emblematic of virtue than Captain America?

Well, six years before Chris Evans picked up the red, white and blue shield, the actor made his superhero debut as Johnny Storm in “Fantastic Four” alongside Ioan Gruffudd, aka Mister Fantastic.

Gruffudd lent his voice to Kevin Sheperd in “102 Dalmations,” as did Glenn Close, reprising her dastardly role as Cruella De Vil. Close portrayed her loving side as Homer’s mom Mona Simpson in “The Simpsons,” even as she was on the run from Hank Azaria’s Chief Wiggum.

Azaria was on the side of the law again as a detective in “Pretty Woman,” questioning the identity of Vivian Ward. Ward was played by none other than Julia Roberts, who co-starred in the 1990 horror drama “Flatliners” with…you get the idea.

Where’s my Pop! Kevin Bacon – Flatliners?

Pop! Kevin Bacon

Pop! Kevin Bacon – Animal House

I heard someone shout out Will Ferrell. Good choice. Let’s see if we can connect him to Pop! Kevin Bacon in six steps or fewer.

Ferrell gives us plenty of Funko options, from Mugatu and Ricky Bobby to Spartan Cheerleader and More Cowbell! But the obvious one is Buddy the Elf with eight Pop! Figures.

Ferrell tussled with Peter Dinklage in “Elf,” years before the man who portrayed Tyrion Lannister joined the right hand of Daenerys Targaryan. Before the queen went mad, Emilia Clarke assumed the role of Qi’ra inSolonext to Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett.

Woody Harrelson, aka Haymitch Abernathy of Panem, fought against a realm infamously ruled by Donald Sutherland’s President Snow. Sutherland portrayed Professor Dave Jennings in the 1978 comedy “Animal House” with…

When you’re done chanting “Toga! Toga! Toga!” you can ask where the #$%! is our Pop! Kevin Bacon – Animal House?

Pop! Kevin Bacon

Pop! Kevin Bacon – A Few Good Men

Give me the name of a modern day leading lady. Did I hear someone say Jennifer Anniston?

Ok, here goes. Anniston is famous for her “Friends” buddies, among them Phoebe Buffay. Lisa Kudrow was also the mom of Boss Baby Alec Baldwin.

One of Baldwin’s first early breaks came as Adam Maitland to Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice in the 1988 spooky comedy “Beetlejuice.” Ever the showman, Keaton also brilliantly danced alongside Jack Nicholson’s Joker a year later in “Batman.”

And who ordered the Code Red? The truth that we’re having trouble handling is the lack of Pop! Kevin Bacon – A Few Good Men figures.

Pop! Kevin Bacon

Pop! Kevin Bacon – Tremors

Pick a random big-name, contemporary actor, you ask? All right, how about…say…Michael Fassbender?

Well, it’d be easy to connect Fassbender and Bacon to Magneto and Sebastian Shaw, respectively, in “X-Men: First Class.” But we’re after bigger Pop!s.

Fassbender, however, did join Katherine Waterston aka Daniels aboard the colonization ship in the 2017 space thriller “Alien: Covenant.” Waterston, as we all know, also has a Pop! figure for her role as Tina Goldstein in “ Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.”

Grindelwald himself is a bit of a Pop! legend in Johnny Depp. Among those Pop! Depp’s are Edward Scissorhands – who famously fell in love with Kim, aka the amazing Winona Ryder. Ryder just concluded her third season of “Stranger Things, in which Joyce defended her family and the world from the likes of Demogorgons.

Demogorgons are voracious killers that dwell out-of-sight between worlds. The same as the Graboid sandworms from 1990 monster comedy “Tremors.”

Where’s our Valentine McKee, Earl Bassett and Graboid Pop! Movie Moment?

Pop! Kevin Bacon

Pop! Kevin Bacon – Footloose

What’s that you say? I’m simply reverse-engineering these for my own gain and stardom? Fine. Give me someone…or something…and let’s see how we do. How about…Forky from “Toy Story 4?”

Well…Forky is voiced by Tony Hale, who is no stranger to Funko Pop!s with vinyl figures dedicated to his roles as Buster Bluth from “Arrested Development” and Gary Walsh from “Veep.”

A perk of working on “Veep” is sharing a set with Selina Meyer. Julia Louis-Dreyfus famously starred in an episode of “Seinfeld,” in which Bette Midler was trampled during a softball game. Midler is one-third of the Sanderson Sisters from “Hocus Pocus.” She performed her sisterly sorcery alongside Sarah Jessica Parker.

As for SJP? She was among those cutting a rug with…you know who. Give us Pop! Kevin Bacon – Footloose and hear us yell “let’s dance!”

For anyone keeping score at home, we connected that one in five degrees – unless you include Mary, the third Sanderson Sister.

Let’s dance!

Pop! Kevin Bacon

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  1. I don’t care about Kevin Bacon but WHEN will there be another wave of Buffy – with DRUSILLA, Anya, Tara, the Mayor & maybe Snyder – & Firefly – the entire premise of the show & movie is based around one character – River Tan – we need 2 pops of her, one as a calm girl genius interacting with the crew & one as the graceful high kicking killing machine. It would also be really nice to have her brother Simon, Book, Inara & the final solution nutjob who came after River. (the show got the worst treatment ever by Fox, it would be great if Funko could do it justice)

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