Funko Enlists Pop! Fantastic Four to Fight Galactus

It’s clobbering time as Funko enlists The Thing and his pals as part of its latest foray into the world of Pop! Marvel.

Mister Fantastic returns to lead the Pop! Fantastic Four as part of 15 new Pop! Vinyl figures dedicated to the Marvel franchise.

Pop! Fantastic FourThey’re joined by familiar cohorts in the Invisible Woman and Human Torch.

The Thing receives three new Pop! vinyl figures, including a coy Barnes & Noble The Thing (Hat) variant as well as a The Thing (10-Inch) version you’ll find exclusively in Target.

Invisible Woman (Disappearing) also arrives with a vanishing Pop! courtesy of GameStop, while the Human Torch lights up the room with Human Torch (Glowing)(Hot Topic) and Human Torch (Glow in the Dark)(Funko Specialty Series) iterations of Johnny Storm’s alter ego.

The quartet enlists the aid of Silver Surfer and H.E.R.B.I.E. to face the like of Pop! Marvel’s GalactusMole Man and Super-Skrull, all of whom make their Funko debut.

Dr. Doom rounds of the collections with the villain’s fourth Pop! Vinyl figure.

Pop! Marvel: Fantastic Four goes on sale in January, but you can pre-order yours today.

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Pop! Fantastic Four

Pop! Fantastic Four

Pop! Fantastic Four

Pop! Fantastic Four