Funko Field Trip: Living the Great Pop! Dream

Pop Price Guide user thephantomhennes recently embarked on a dream journey to Funko Headquarters with his family. Ian generously shares his trip with us.

I’ve been collecting Funko Pops! for a few years and love these little guys. They stand as a totem in my game room symbolizing all the things I’ve enjoyed past and present in the world of pop culture.

I was too afraid to start collecting, because I knew I would likely have a “problem” keeping the collection in check. After my sister Kirsten and brother-in-law Tyler gifted me my first one, I was pushed into the collection I wanted to start, but was hesitant.

Funko TripSince then, they, too, have started collecting the Pops! they enjoy and my two sons have also purchased some of their faves.

When we decided to all go on an epic road trip from Southern Alberta to see family on Vancouver Island, before going to Seattle, stopping in Everett to see the Funko HQ was on my list of “must stops.”

After a lengthy border crossing lineup, we arrive about 1.5 hrs before HQ closed.

What a blast!

Everyone loved the huge toy characters, different themed sections, and exclusive Pops! We all made a “Build-a-Freddy” and grabbed a few T-shirts and bags. The staff was friendly and store was very clean, polished, and had a noticeable “shine” that I can only remember feeling in a Disney Store.

After wearing out our welcome at 7 p.m. closing time, we headed with our treasures onto the street.

Funko TripAs we were on the street discussing the fun we had experienced, an employee came out to chat with us. At first I thought we had forgot something, but then he offered us some baseball tickets to the local Everett AquaSox…for free!

They had extra staff seats, and generously offered them to us. My boys both play ball — we support our local team the Medicine Hat Mavericks — and had tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays game against the Seattle Mariners later that weekend, so ya, we like baseball.

The game was great!

It was the last “Funko Friday” of the season and we scored a cool pin. We also won some Funko lanyards, pins and purchased the park exclusive Webbley Pop!. It was such a cool surprise, and such a cool way to end the Funko HQ visit.

Some memories from the trip:


Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip

Funko Trip
My favourite Pop! from the stop, a Freddy Funko HQ exclusive, holding the Seattle Space Needle. This is a photo that night from our rental home, needle in the background.


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2 thoughts on “Funko Field Trip: Living the Great Pop! Dream

  1. Sounds like a fun trip for your family :).
    And i truly understand the “fear” of starting to collect. I bought my first Pop 7-8 months ago – just as a goof. And now i’m a collector. But i really try to stick to a theme and avoid buying Pops that i just sorta like or Pops that potentially could go up in value. My economy isn’t the best so i pretty much have to make sure i have food each month and then i can “splurge” on some Pops :).

  2. I love Pops so much that I stopped collecting all together and focus all my energy on Funko Pops. I only have about 300 and change and just about spent $5000 In about a year and a half LOL. All my friends and family think I’m nuts but I know that’s because they don’t have a collection like mine LOL I still don’t own a Freddy Funko or anything vaulted or grails but hopefully next time comic con comes to Boston I’ll be able to go. My girlfriend has about 350 funko pop‘s We can’t wait to go to our first comic con just for Pops, Pops, and ONLY!!! Pops. LOL thank you for unclej we can’t wait to go to our first comic con just for Pops, Pops, and ONLY!!! Pops. LOL thank you Funko
    At 39 years old I feel like a kid again 👍🏼

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