Funko Invades Your Home with Pop! The Purge

Funko introduces us to its Pop! The Purge collection, making it the only thing from “The Purge” franchise that you should willingly invite into your home.

The new set comes with five Pop! Movies vinyl figures dedicated to a pair of the series’ films in “The Purge: Election Year” and “The Purge: Anarchy.” Making their Pop! Vinyl debut from Election Year are versions of Betsy Ross, Big Pig and Lady Liberty, as well as Freakbride.

The Waving God is lone ominous Pop! representing “The Purge: Anarchy.”

The day of reckoning for Pop! The Purge isn’t until November. But you can pre-order yours today.

Preorder Pop! The Purge

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Pop In A Box (UK)

Pop! The PurgePop! The Purge

Pop! The Purge

Pop! The PurgePop! The Purge


2 thoughts on “Funko Invades Your Home with Pop! The Purge

  1. Will any of these pops will be exclusive to certain stores?
    (Example) (exclusive to Walmart) (exclusive to Target) at what day will they be released

    1. They will be available at all the major retailers. The official launch date is for November, but with most Funko items, you might be able to find them in stores or online a bit earlier. To save time and get a little peace of mind, you can also check out the pre-order links that we’ve provided in the post above. Thanks and good luck adding them to your collection!

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