Funko Hypnotizes with Pop! Get Out Collection

Funko puts a scare into us all with the introduction of its new Pop! Get Out collection.

The set features Chris Washington in both battered and hypnotic states from the Jordan Peele horror film “Get Out.” The Bloody Clothes version of Chris will be available as a Funko Web exclusive when the pair of vinyl figures go on sale in November.

Pre-order yours today or risk being drawn into the sunken place.

Preorder Pop! Get Out

One thought on “Funko Hypnotizes with Pop! Get Out Collection

  1. Cool pops but im surprised that funko decided to make these pops especially since only like 50 people watched this movie along with US with another 10 fans?? Im huge into horror pops i would say at least 40% of my collection and im just not interested it either one of those movies!!!! Get out was not a horror movie to me could barely keep my interest to watch the film. I would never watch it again and tell you the truth seemed to drag a bit surprised in the release of the pops and the movie US was terrible i bet the pops will be left of the shelves collecting more dust than sales. The only thing that MAY save it is the pluto chase? With a disney themed name and its kinda tasteless CHASE lets see it that chase ever exceeds the 15$ mark where lonely and unwanted pops remain. Im going to try again to FORCE myself to watch it again soon then decide if i grt the CHASE AND COMMON pluto as for the other 4 pops i wont be getting those for sure you cant even tell who is the GOOD OR BAD guy!!! Looks like they will end up as filler in many mystery boxes in the near future!!!!

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