Funko Burns Up Track With Pop! Speed Racer

Funko moves us into the fast lane with the introduction of its Pop! Speed Racer collection.Pop! Speed Racer

Mach GoGoGo, aka Speed Racer himself, gets three new iterations in his Pop! Animation debut. Among the variations of the speedster are a Speed Racer (Nightmare) and a Pop! Ride with his trusty four-wheeled friend Mach 5.

Rounding out the field is the courageous soldier of fortune Racer X.

This is Funko’s first foray into the Japanese animation and manga series since releasing its line of Speed Racer Wacky Wobblers, including a Scented Air Freshener of Mach GoGoGo.

Pop! Speed Racer won’t hit the track until January, but you can pre-order yours today.

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Pop! Speed Racer

Pop! Speed Racer

Pop! Speed Racer