Celebrating National Dog Day With Our Pop! Pups

Bow wow wow.

It’s National Dog Day and, just for today (maybe longer), we’re celebrating our furry, four-legged friends by converting ourselves into the Pup Price Guide.

Pop! PupsWoof.

We love our Funko Pop!s and we love our pups. Sometimes, however, our pups also end up loving our Pop!s.

Just ask the Whiskey, who recently fell in love with our Pop! Rocks Jerry Garcia.

National Dog Day arrives in time as Funko introduces us to Pop! Scrappy-Doo, a Funko Shop exclusive. The company is no stranger to the pooches, featuring dogs from all points along the cuteness spectrum from Astro to Zuul.

Dogs have made for their own Pop!s and have been accessories to others — think Toto to Dorothy and, to a lesser extent, Kiva to Mugato.

Pup Prototypes

Where dogs start out as puppies, Pop!s begin their life as prototypes.

You’ll find several Pop! pups in hobbyDB’s Funko prototype database, including Tramp, Labrador and The Beast from “The Sandlot” lore.

Pop! Pups!                        Pop! Pups!     Pop! Pups!

We love our Funko doggos. But we can’t help but wonder what mutts are yet to join the Funko universe while we patiently await our Snoop Dogg Pop! Rocks figure.

Lassie? Old Yeller? Clifford the Big Red Dog? Cujo?

Will the Target Bullseye dog be made into a Spuds McKenzie variant? Would we collect all 101 Dalmatians, should Funko tediously go all Cruella de Vil

We know you have your share of dog-related Pop! Pup! stories. Share yours in the comments below.


Pop! Pups!
No Pop!s were hurt in the making of this blog post. Good girl, Whiskey.