Pop! Game of Thrones: Jorah’s Final Stand

Jorah Mormont received a hero’s death defending his queen at the Battle of Winterfell. Now Funko is honoring the fallen with a look at Mormont’s final stand as part of the latest addition to its Pop! Game of Thrones collection.

Jorah and Daenerys Targaryan reenact the Great War in this Pop! Moment. It’s the second Pop! vinyl figure for Jorah, and the 11th for the Mad Queen.

The collection continues with the coronation of the Queen of the North in Sansa Stark, who receives just her second Pop! figure.

Funko’s latest Pop! Game of Thrones vinyl figures don’t go on sale until November. You can preorder yours today.

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Pop! Game of Thrones

Pop! Game of Thrones

2 thoughts on “Pop! Game of Thrones: Jorah’s Final Stand

  1. At least they got Sansa’s story right. A fitting end for a true queen that earned her hard fought independence.

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