Happy Birthday from PPG, Pop! Tom Hanks

This post has been updated with new Pop! Cast Away and Pop! Big figures. See below for…Wilson and Zoltar!!

Happy birthday to Pop! Tom Hanks, a man with nearly as many Pop! figures as film credits.

Pop! Tom HanksFunko celebrates Hanks’ 62 birthday this week with the gift of two new vinyl figures dedicated to one of America’s most iconic actors.

Funko adds a pair of new figures to its Pop! Forrest Gump collection, including the introduction of a uniform-clad Gump donning his War Medals. Naturally, he’s flashing a peace sign.

The set also receives a Target exclusive that depicts Gump in his Blue USA Ping Pong uniform. That combo comes replete with a Funko-themed paddle.

The blue Gump is a variant of the red United States uniform Gump (Ping Pong) released earlier this year. That Pop! debuted alongside Forrest with a Box of Chocolates.

A running version of Gump (Beard) is set for release during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

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Pop! Tom HanksPop! Tom Hanks

Pop! Tom Hanks

Pop! Tom HanksPop! Tom Hanks





More Hanx

The Pop!s don’t stop there for Hanks. In fact, there are nine versions of Sheriff Woody, alone. Of course, some of those get a little specialize Funko treatment, such as Conan O’Brien masquerading as Sheriff Woody and a San Francisco Giants rendition of the “Toy Story” protagonist.

Pop! Tom HanksPop! Tom Hanks



Even more Hanx!!

Where Woody is filled with a childlike affability, Jimmy Dugan might be the polar opposite. Both, however, make for great Pop! vinyl characters. Dugan, the grizzled, foul-mouthed coach from the 1991 film “A League of Their Own” received a Pop! of his own earlier this month. Hanks’ stardom isn’t reserved for the silver screen. His portrayal of David S. Pumpkins from “Saturday Night Live” earned Hanks another Pop! figure.

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Pop! Tom HanksPop! Tom Hanks





Funko crash lands with a new announcement…Wilson!! The new set of Pop! Cast Away brings us a pair of Tom Hanks (and one volleyball) vinyl figures from the 2000 survival drama. Chuck and Wilson are available in September, but can be pre-ordered today. Look for Chuck with Crab Spear around the same time as a Target exclusive.

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Big Hanx Update!

Birthday week continues for Tom Hanks, who makes a wish and becomes…three new Pop! vinyl figures from the 1988 comedy “Big.” The new set features Josh in an Over-sized Suit, as well as on the iconic Giant Piano. A resplendent Josh decked out in a Tuxedo will be available as a Target exclusive when the Pop! Big collection goes on sale in October, but you can pre-order yours today. And while he’s not Tom Hanks, it’s difficult to ignore the greatness of Pop! Zoltar.

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Future Hanx

The best part of Tom Hanks’ body of work is that it leaves the door open for many, many, many, many, many more Pop! Tom Hanks figures. We’ve listed a few versions of Tom Hanks we’d like to see. Tell us your Tom Hanks Pop! ideas in the comments below.

  • Pop! Tom HanksBachelor Party
  • Big
  • Bosom Buddies (2-Pack with Peter Scolari)
  • Cast Away (2-Pack with Wilson)
  • Joe Versus the Volcano (2-Pack with Meg Ryan)
  • Lady Killers
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Sleepless in Seattle (2-Pack with Meg Ryan)
  • Splash (2-Pack with Daryl Hannah)
  • The Burbs
  • Turner & Hooch (2-Pack with Hooch)
  • You Got Mail (2-Pack with Meg Ryan)

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  1. I know its abit risky and i dont know if its possible, but I can see a Philadelphia Hanks december awareness Pop for charity. Or like a 2-pack with Meryl Streep in one of their best Actor/Actress Oscar winning/nominated roles as Oscar royalty.

    Oh and ofc Polar Express or Apollo 13 would be nice, man this guy is a Beast!

  2. Great news!! Looks like we can cross Wilson and Castaway off the list!

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