Funko Takes Us Down Under with Pop! Steve Irwin

Crikey, mate! Funko takes us down under with its new Pop! Steve Irwin collection.

The set includes a pair of Pop! Television vinyl figures dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved animal lovers. Irwin clutches a Crocodile in his Funko debut. But if you want to truly join the hunt, be on the lookout for Irwin and his Turtle that releases as a 1/6 rarity chase piece.

The Pop! Steve Irwin collection goes on sale in November, but you can pre-order yours today.

Preorder Pop! Steve Irwin

Pop! Steve IrwinPop! Steve Irwin


4 thoughts on “Funko Takes Us Down Under with Pop! Steve Irwin

  1. Pre ordered 6.

    Hoping for a Chase. But, done it before with Michael Jordan. No love there.

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