Funko Reprises Pop! Pennywise with Chapter Two

Funko turns the page on another chapter of Pop! Pennywise with a new set of vinyl figures to keep you lying awake in bed at night.

Pop! PennywiseThe scariest of all clowns returns with five new iterations based on “IT Chapter Two.” Among those out to kill you are Pennywise (Open Arms) and Pennywise (I Heart Derry), as well as Pennywise (Funhouse) and Pennywise (Skateboard)(Hot Topic).

If that’s not enough to give you the cold sweats, than perhaps Pennywise w/ Boat (10-inch) — or Pennywise (Beaver Hat)(FYE) — has what it takes to give you a good fright.

The new collection also features new lines of Mystery Minis: IT Chapter Two and Pop! Keychains: IT Chapter Two.

Pop! Pennywise rises from the sewers and invades the stores in late July. You can order yours here.

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5 thoughts on “Funko Reprises Pop! Pennywise with Chapter Two

  1. Hey Christopher, you have some information wrong. The 10 inch is not Exclusive to Hot Topic, It is a common. The Pennywise with Skateboard is Hot Topic.

  2. Can’t freakin’ wait til I get my 10″, I preordered it a few days ago…

  3. I feel as though funko should do less clown pennywise pop variants, instead do a few clown pops and then do his other characters, like the creepy painting lady, also there is only minis with his jaw wide open and you can see his crazy rows and rows of teeth!¡! I would love pops like that, maybe the leper would be cool as well!¡! Just calm down on all the variants lol there has to be ar least 20+ clown pennywise pops!¡!

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