Sticker Shock! Convention Exclusive Sticker Splits Return

Convention exclusive sticker splits are back under way!

Many convention items traditionally come with two variants: one with a convention sticker (SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and Celebration) and another with a shared exclusive sticker (i.e. HotTopic, Target or Walmart). Up to now, those items were regarded as one listing.

We plan to split 5-10 item pages per week. Check back each Thursday to find out which pages have received PPG Sticker Splitthe sticker split treatment.

Items from the 2017 SDCC tend to receive the most sticker split requests. After this first batch of test items, we’ll start with SDCC 2017 and work our way back.

Without further ado, here are the latest convention exclusive item pages:

For these next ones, it was simpler to leave the original page as the exclusive and make a new shared exclusive page.PPG Sticker Split

Normally, we will do it the other way, but if we switch it up, we’ll let you know!

There are around 150 of these convention exclusive items left to split, so please bear with us as this will be an ongoing project.

If you enjoy reporting listings or have a good eye for sticker differences and would like to help out, please contact We are always looking for some extra hands!

Note: For now, we are focusing on convention sticker items only, and will not be addressing differences in retail stickers on the same item. The estimated values will be missing initially on these pages, but rest assured that they will return shortly.

PPG Sticker SplitPPG Sticker Split

PPG Sticker Split

PPG Sticker SplitPPG Sticker Split

6 thoughts on “Sticker Shock! Convention Exclusive Sticker Splits Return

  1. It’s dumb. There is only one event to get these items so it must be from that event or that place. It’s the same item out of box so the in box shouldn’t be any different

  2. It’s actually sad that people will pay that much more a different sticker when it’s the same product :/.

  3. yes its the same product but the sticker has value because its less common example SDCC,NYCC or EMCC has certain releases with their stickers but most will be reissued through other POP stores like game stop FYE BAM B&N or hot topic and their stickers will say spring summer or winter convention which are little valuable because they’re more abundant to the masses

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