Pop Price Guide Sticker Split: 2017 SDCC DC Heroes

With the San Diego Comic-Con on our brains this week — courtesy of Funko’s spate of 2019 SDCC Reveals — we’ve delved into the pool of summer convention exclusives with this week’s batch of sticker splits.

Many convention items traditionally come with two variants: one with a convention sticker (SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and Celebration) and another with a shared exclusive sticker (i.e. HotTopic, Target or Walmart).

Up to now, those items were regarded as one listing.

We plan to split 5-10 item pages per week. Check back each week to find out which pages have received the sticker split treatment.

This week’s collection of newly split stickers returns us to 2017 and that summer’s SDCC releases — specifically to the world of DC Comics.

Without further ado, here are the latest convention exclusive item pages:

Pop! Heroes

PPG Sticker SplitsPPG Sticker Splits

PPG Sticker SplitsPPG Sticker Splits

PPG Sticker SplitPPG Sticker Split


PPG Sticker SplitPPG Sticker Split

PPG Sticker Splits

Action Figures

PPG Sticker Split