Day 2: Funko’s 2019 Emerald City Comic Con Reveals

The Emerald City Comic Con is nearly upon us and Funko isn’t wasting any time to share its new jewels, courtesy of the company’s 2019 ECCC Reveals.

Thankfully for you, possessing a ticket to the annual event — held this year between March 14-17 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center — isn’t required to add the ECCC exclusives to your collection. Look for the ECCC version, as well as the shared exclusive that can be preordered or picked up at your local affiliates.

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Pop! Anime

Pop! Anime: Dragon Ball Z – Porunga 6″ (Hot Topic)

Pop! Anime: Fairy Tail – Gajeel with Dragon Scale (GameStop)

Funko gets animated with the addition of Dragon Force Gajeel from Fairy Tail, as well as a six-inch super sized Pop! version of Dragon Ball Z’s Porunga.

2019 Funko ECCC RevealsFunko 2019 ECCC Reveals





Pop! Heroes: DC – Mr. Mxyzptlk (Entertainment Earth)

Pop! Heroes: DC – Black Canary (

Mr. Mxyzptlk makes for an unlikely (yet awesome) duo alongside Black Canary as part of Funko’s latest Pop! DC Heroes collection.

2019 Funko ECCC Reveals2019 Funko ECCC Reveal





Rock Candy: DC Bombshells – Starfire (Funko Shop)

5 Star: DC – 3003 (Batman (Black/Yellow))(Hot Topic)

Batman is back, this time with a classic black-and-yellow look as part of the 5 Star series. Joining the Caped Crusader is the Rock Candy debut for Starfire.

2019 Funko ECCC Reveals2019 Funko ECCC Reveals











Pop! Ad Icons: Pillsbury Doughboy with Shamrock (Funko Shop)

Pop! Candy: Sour Patch Kids – Lime Sour Patch Kid

Funko’s latest addition to its Pop! Ad Icons and Pop! Candy collections are making us green in a good way as the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Lime Sour Patch Kid have us thinking about St. Patrick’s Day.

2019 Funko ECCC Reveals2019 Funko ECCC Reveals










Pop! Disney: The Lion King – Shenzi, Bonzai & Ed (Amazon)

Pop! Disney: The Incredibles 2 – Voyd (Walmart)

Action Figure: Disney Afternoon – Huey, Dewey & Louie (Target)

New Disney vinyl figures are thrice as nice this week with the introduction of pair of new triumvirates, including the mercurial hyenas from “The Lion King” and all three of Donald Duck’s nephews, who represent Disney’s Duck Tales.

2019 Funko ECCC Reveals2019 Funko ECCC Reveals

2019 Funko ECCC Reveals

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