PPG Poll: Ghost Rider Cruises To Victory Over Loki

Ghost Rider was once portrayed on the silver screen by Nicholas Cage, but that doesn’t appear to have hurt his appeal as the winner of Pop Price Guide’s recent PPG Poll determining our favorite Venomized Pop! Marvel characters.

Ghost Rider (298 votes, 28 percent) cruised to a comfortable victory over Loki (216, 21 percent). The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America, fittingly, finished neck-and-neck with 14, 12 and 11 percent of the vote, respectively. The Venomized Black Panther garnered just eight percent (82 votes) of the glory.

Eddie Brock, the Marvel character actually inhabited by the Venom symbiote, is the least favorite out of Funko’s recent Pop! Marvel collection.

Thank you everyone for voting. Please make sure to vote on our latest PPG Poll in which we debate our favorite Pop! Ad Icons Cereal Bowl figures.

Pop! VenomPop! VenomPop! VenomPop! VenomPop! VenomPop! VenomPop! Venom

8 thoughts on “PPG Poll: Ghost Rider Cruises To Victory Over Loki

  1. My question is….where could you find this first hand? The Walmarts in my area discontinued carrying Pop figures and I literally checked Walmart.com every day, multiple times a day for a month from the time these were announced and I never once saw it listed for sale. I only saw these for sale by 3rd parties on Ebay for 4 times the original price. This is just one example of why I give up on collecting Pop figures. Between Funko, retail associates that buy the Chases and exclusives before they make it to the floor and 3rd party sellers that jack the prices up, it takes all the fun out of collecting.

    1. I work in the electronics area at Walmart, and at ours we just got a whole new merchandise area for pop culture; where, we brought the Pop! figures back so I would check your Walmart’s electronics area for them.

    2. Walmart recently underwent a change in its Pop! selection. They’ve been moved to the electronics area and given an upgrade to its offerings. Several of these venomized are on the shelves now, but the Ghost Riders don’t last very long.

    3. Walmart is creating a new section for collectibles in their stores yours might not be done yet

  2. Slayer,

    I feel you the only people that seem to be getting this are either really lucky or have been Wal-Mart employees either flipping them or doing shady deals with people who do. I don’t know how many times Wal-Mart exclusive figures come out all the ones by me claim to never get them or they “just sold” the last one. Good luck hope you find one.

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