Pop! Doctor Who Introduces Missy, Clara’s Tardis

Missy might be a friend. She could also very well be considered an enemy. The details get a little hazy over time. What we do know is, Missy makes for a fine addition to Funko’s Pop! Doctor Who collection.

The female reincarnation of The Master, Missy makes her Pop! Television debut as a vinyl figure. The set also includes the late Clara’s Memorial Tardis, which comes resplendent with a floral pattern as a six-inch Super Sized Pop!

You can’t hop into your tardis and travel to later this month to get your Pop! TV: Doctor Who figures. But you can preorder yours today.

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One thought on “Pop! Doctor Who Introduces Missy, Clara’s Tardis

  1. Wow, I thought Missy would get snapped up quickly since she was such an amazing character. That hasn’t been the case. Apparently the Pop community in my area either didn’t know she was released, or they were distracted by the NYCC releases that came out around the same time.

    Come Doctor Who fans, show your support for this line! You’re never going to get the Martha and Bill Pops if you don’t show some love for Missy. 😉

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