Funko Returns FunkOs To Our Breakfast Table

Funko calls us back to the breakfast table with its second wave of FunkOs Cereal Boxes and, we gotta say, we’re ready for another serving.

Betty White and the Golden Girls are up and at ‘em early along with Buddy the Elf as Target exclusives. Narwhal eschews the sea for milk, joining Wonder Woman exclusively at BoxLunch. Wonder Woman can also be found at Hot Topic. So, too, can Elvira, the Mistress of both the Dark and, now, breakfast.

Pac-Man and Freddy Fazbear, naturally, can be found exclusively at GameStop. Captain Caveman — err, we mean Caaaptaaain Caaaavemaaaan! — is a Funko Shop exclusive.

Funko’s FunkOs become part of a balanced Pop! breakfast this fall.

Warning, don’t hunt for them on an empty stomach.