Chucky Rolls Into Funko’s Pop! Horror Nightmares

Chucky is scary enough. Chucky on wheels is a holy rolling nightmare…as well as a delightful addition to Funko’s Pop! Horror line.

Child’s Play 2 featuring a Chucky on a Cart Hot Topic exclusive take center stage in the company’s ghoulish new collection that also includes Pop! Pens, Pop! Pocket Keychains and a Rock Candy version of Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz.

Chucky also gets the keychain treatment, while Beetlejuice, Pennywise and Leatherface (Pretty Woman Mask) magically appear in pen form.

The Pop! Horror assemblage is available now, except for the Chucky figures, who will arrive later this autumn.

Pop! HorrorPop! Horror

Pop! Horror

Pop! HorrorPop! HorrorPop! Horror


One thought on “Chucky Rolls Into Funko’s Pop! Horror Nightmares

  1. I think this only leaves Good Guy form Chucky; the half-faced Chucky from Child’s Play 3; short-haired Chucky from Cult; and the burnt to a crisp Chucky from the first movie in terms of Chucky variants. I’m still holding out hope for an Andy Barclay figure as well as one for Glen.

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