Here’s A Story About Pop! Brady Brunch

Poor Jan. She was even left out of Funko’s new Pop! Brady Bunch collection.

Plenty of other Brady family members, however, make their Pop! Television debut in the new set of vinyl figures dedicated to the iconic program.

Marcia Brady, naturally, leads the six-figure series that includes Bobby (with football), Greg (with guitar) and Peter, as well as Cindy.

Funko’s Pop! Brady Bunch wouldn’t be complete, of course, without affable housekeeper Alice Nelson.

The Pop! Television: The Brady Bunch won’t hit the stores until later this month, but you can preorder yours today.

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  1. If you want to walk around and see the inside of the Brady Bunch home the way it was on TV, but also with the 4th wall, so it feels more like a real home, then you’ll like this site. It does 3D renderings of iconic TV homes, gives video walk-through tours of them and then remodels them. The Brady Bunch home is up on the site now. Pretty cool!

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