Funko Sweetens Its Pop! PEZ Collection

Bob Ross is going to have a difficult time painting happy little trees without the use of his arms, but the illustrious painter should have no issues when it comes to dispensing candy as part of Funko’s latest addition to its Pop! PEZ collection.

Funko is back in the PEZ game with 23 new dispensers from eight franchises, including several shared exclusives and, naturally, the affable Bob Ross.

Pop! PEZWhile we don’t recommend eating candy after breakfast, we’re willing to make an exception for the Pop! PEZ: Quaker Oats dispensers. Cap ‘n Crunch and his Black-and-White chase variant spearhead the set along with Crunchberry Beast and Jean LaFoote.

Funko Shop will offer an exclusive Quake and Quisp bundle for the diehard cereal (or PEZ) fan.

Nothing goes hand-in-hand quite like candy and a good fright. Such is the case with the five-figure The Nightmare Before Christmas line featuring Jack Skellington, Sally and Vampire Teddy, as well as a Pumpkin King and glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie.

The company also delved deep into the archives for its Pop! PEZ: Batman 1966 TV Series assemblage depicting the Joker, Robin and two Batman dispensers – one of them with a Pink Cowl.

Bossk and Greedo debut the Pop! PEZ: Star Wars dispensers.

Funko added heavily to its Pop! PEZ video game lines with five new dispensers. Mega Man’s Blue Bomber and Magnet Missile lead the charge along with a Gyro Attack that’s exclusive to GameStop. Sonic and Crash Bandicoot join them in the neck-candy dispensing department.

Batman and Bob Ross will be out in September, while the rest will follow a month later in October.

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