Oh Pop! Canada: 2018 Fan Expo Canada Reveals

Funko is taking us north of the border for an inside reveal of several new Pop!, Vynl. and Rock Candy figures that will debut at the 2018 Fan Expo Canada.

The 24th edition of the annual event runs from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 in Toronto. After the Fan Expo Canada, these nine new figures will become shared exclusives.

A look at who’s new:

Pop! Funko: Seattle – Snowy Bigfoot (Flocked)(Funko Shop)

Pop! Big Foot

Pop! Movies: Back to the Future – Marty McFly with Guitar (FYE)

Pop! Back to the Future

Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim – Lucas Lee with Skateboard (Funko Shop)

Pop! Scott Pilgrim

Pop! Animation: Dudley Do-Right (Grosnor)

Pop! Dudley Do-Right

Pop! NHL: Toronto – Auston Matthews (Away Jersey)(Grosnor)

Pop! NHL

Pop! Rocks: Rush – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart (Fan Expo Canada)

Pop! Rush

Pop! 8-Bit: Mega Man – Mega Man (Gyro Attack)(GITD)(GameStop)

Pop! Mega Man

Rock Candy: Doctor Who – Amy Pond (Books-A-Million)

Rock Candy Amy Pond

Vynl.: Strange Brew Bob & Doug McKenzie (Fan Expo Canada)

Vynl Strange Brew

5 thoughts on “Oh Pop! Canada: 2018 Fan Expo Canada Reveals

  1. Rush! I was sitting on the fence about going to FanEx this year, but gawd damn, I need me Geddy and the boys!

  2. I wish they had done a 2 pack with Dudley Doright and Snidely Whiplash or a Rides with Horse which is probably more Canadian in theme than Snidely.

  3. So… shared (Canadian) exclusives with two companies (FYE, Funko Shop) that don’t ship to Canada? Am I missing something? I dunno.

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