Funko Firsts: The First Piece

Big Boy Wacky WobblerIn 1998 T-Shirt designer Mike Becker created Funko to offer the world nostalgia based bobble heads. The first item to arrive from China was a batch of 1,000 Big Boy Bobbleheads. This first production run are individually numbered on a small piece of paper at the bottom of the display window in the box. This first batch was to fulfill Mike’s wish to own for himself, since the vintage ceramic Big Boy bobbleheads were going for too much money on eBay. The next larger batch of bobbleheads went to the Big Boy restaurants’ gift shops. Funko would then decide on a name for their new line, calling them Wacky Wobblers. Additional Big Boys would come in with the lines new name on the boxes. Big Boy Wacky Wobblers can be found with Red, White or Silver Bases. There is even a special 50th Anniversary edition for the Burbank Big Boy location, this is a Silver Base wobbler with a special sticker on the box. Funko has reverted back to their origins with the POP! Ad Icons line, including Big Boy himself.