Pop! Venom Embodies Funko’s Marvel Collection

The Symbiote has invaded Funko’s headquarters, embodying a new line of vinyl Pop! Venom figures in time to celebrate the anti-hero’s 30th birthday.

The company has announced a nine-piece set – including four shared exclusives – dedicated to Venom’s three-decade reign of torture throughout the Marvel Universe.

Eddie Brock, the original Venom, joins a slew of Marvel all-stars having their bodies possessed. Among the others being venomized are Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man.

Pop! VenomCarnage (Cletus Kasady) receives two new Pop! figures, one of them an FYE exclusive featuring the full Venom suit and axes for hands.

Other Marvel icons venomized as shared exclusives are Black Panther (GameStop), Ghost Rider (Walmart) and Loki (Target).

Funko’s Pop! Marvel – Venom Series doesn’t succumb to the Symbiote until September, but you can preorder yours today.

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12 thoughts on “Pop! Venom Embodies Funko’s Marvel Collection

  1. One is missing from the roster – Marvel Venom #371. Presumably another exclusive. Who will that be and at which retail outlet will it be found?

    1. I see that September’s MCC theme is Venom. I bet #371 will be in there. Maybe a Venomized Spider-man? Venomized Stan Lee? Metallic or alternate theme for Eddie Brock/Venom?

  2. The new MCC box is up on amazon and its venom for the theme, so I’m assuming that’s where 371 is

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