Pop! Horror To Give Us All A Scare This Summer

Unbridled, primal fear isn’t something that’s reserved solely for foggy nights in late October.

Funko is bringing the fright this summer with a terrifying new collection of Dorbz, Pop! Key Chains and Pop! Horror figures.

Pop! Horror

Pop! BeetlejuiceWe all know what happens when you say aloud Beetlejuice’s name three times. But what happens when you say it a fourth?

You get the Beetlejuice (Guide Hat), the fourth Pop! Horror incarnation of the notorious bio-exorcist.

You can utter his name all you want, but Pop! Beetlejuice (Guide Hat) isn’t arriving before July. But you can preorder yours today.

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Pop In A Box (US)
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Entertainment Earth

Dorbz: Horror – Pennywise

If any form of Pennywise is going to climb up and out of the sewers, we’re really hoping it’s Funko’s new Dorbz versions of the horrendous villain from Stephen King’s “IT.”

Pennywise (Smile) and Pennywise (Wrought Iron) are just his second and third Dorbz figure – which is far fewer than his nine Pop! figures.

The Dorbz duo is expected out this autumn.

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Pop In A Box (US)
Pop In A Box (UK)
Entertainment Earth

Dorbz PennywiseDorbz Pennywise






Pop Keychain: Horror – Pennywise/Elvira

Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, and Pennywise, the denizen of the sewer, each make their Pocket Pop! Keychain: Horror debut later this year.

Pennywise arrives in three classic Pop! figure form, including with Balloon, Wig and Spider Legs.

Expect Pennywise to start terrorizing keys this fall, while Elvira slips out of the darkness and into your purse or pants pocket in August – including a red-dressed Hot Topic variant.

Pop! Keychains PennywisePop! Keychains PennywisePop! Keychains Pennywise

Pop! Keychains ElviraPop! Keychains Elvira


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