New eBay User Interface

Hey everyone!

I work with PPG data and I just wanted to bring you all a little update about eBay’s new user interface.

As you know, we use completed eBay sales listings to¬†estimate valuations of items based on current sales activity. On any given item page you can scroll down and view the last 50 completed sales that have been assigned to that item by our team of kickass volunteers.¬†Listings assigned within the last 90 days have a link that leads to the eBay listing page, and all listings have a “Report” button just in case they were mis-assigned or have anything suspicious about them.

Last week eBay changed its user interface so that around half the time completed sales listing links lead to current sales rather than the intended completed sale. Because of this, we are seeing some reports that the listings posted on PPG are inaccurate, or that they have been removed from eBay. But panic not! A lot of these concerns have just been due to eBay’s new UI.

If you are brought to an active sales listing instead of the listing on PPG, one of three options will appear at the top of the page.

1. A notice stating that the listing you are looking for is no longer available with no link the listing.

2. A notice stating that the listing you are looking for is no longer available with a link leading to the listing.

3. Occasionally neither of those options will appear. If that is the case, refreshing the page can sometimes cause the first heading with the link leading to the listing to appear.

Making sure that you are on the page of the actual listing that is posted on PPG, not an active eBay sale, is very important when choosing to report it. We double check each reported listing before doing anything to it, but the fewer that are falsely reported, the more time we have to get to all the other exciting PPG data tasks at hand. ūüôā

Under the current eBay UI, the only way to know for certain that a listing has been removed is if you click the listing link and get the following image:

In that case please definitely report it so we can get it outta there as soon as possible.

It’s actually been pretty cool how many new “faces” we’ve seen in the reported listings because of this. PPG is really lucky to have such a dedicated community looking out for us to ensure that our data is as accurate as possible. While we can’t respond to each listing report personally, I want to thank each and every person who donates a little of their time and Funko expertise to improving PPG.

If you have any ideas or questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading!