Funko Draws Us Into SDCC With Pop! Anime Line

Funko is celebrating the run-up to the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con by announcing its first round of convention exclusives reveals dedicated to Pop! Anime.

Our first glimpse into this year’s SDCC exclusives draws us into the world of Pop! Animation with five new figures dedicated to Sailor Moon, Heavy Metal and Dragon Ball Z.

Funko has immortalized Vegeta as a Pop! eight times, but never before with a gold chrome rendering. The Dragon Ball Z hero/antihero teams up with a pair of Funko first-timers in Super Saiyan Broly and the tragic Dead Yamcha.

Taarna might be the last of the Taarakians, but the Heavy Metal heroine is the first of her kind from the 1981 animated cult classic to assume on Pop! form.

Meanwhile, the Black Lady makes her debut as the latest character hailing from the Pop! Sailor Moon universe.

The 2018 San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 19-22.

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  1. Broly is a must have and that vegeta though, would love to snag him but just as with any other chrome pop, it will be nearly impossible to get

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