Dorbz: Thundercats Jaga Arrives To Impart Wisdom

Are you in search of wisdom, courage and the conviction to take on your enemies? Or is it simply a great-looking Dorbz figure you seek? Either way, Funko’s Dorbz: Thundercats – Jaga might just be your sage guru.

Jaga the Wise receives his second Dorbz treatment, this time appearing in a translucent blue spirit form.

The Thundercats elder is part of a 2,500-piece set that is available exclusively via Funko Shop.

Dorbz: Thundercats

One thought on “Dorbz: Thundercats Jaga Arrives To Impart Wisdom

  1. Two stupid dorbz and we still don’t have Jaga in Pop form yet. I’m not holding my breath for Funko to release any more Thundercats pops anytime soon. I’m still waiting on Jaga, the Thundercubs wilykit & Kat and the Mutants

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