Where In The World Is Pop! Carmen Sandiego?

You can run and hide anywhere in world, but we’re going to find you, Pop! Carmen Sandiego.

Pop! Carmen SandiegoMark. Our. Words.

The Miss of Misdemeanor makes her Funko debut with a new Pop! dedicated to “The Lady in Red” who’s sought to evade capture for decades now.

“The World’s Greatest Thief” also arrives (or disappears, for that matter) with a GameStop variant.

Pop! Carmen Sandiego will remain in hiding until July, but you can preorder yours today.

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Pop In A Box (US)


Pop In A Box (UK)


Entertainment Earth

Pop! Carmen Sandiego

One thought on “Where In The World Is Pop! Carmen Sandiego?

  1. Soooooooo, nobody is going to say anything about them making her a redhead when she has black hair?

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