Funko Uproots New Line Of Pop! Harry Potter

Calling all herbologists. Grab your earmuffs. We’re foraging for mandrake, as well as items from Funko’s latest Pop! Harry Potter collection.

The company’s Harry Potter universe will receive an upgrade this summer with the introduction of a dozen Pop! figures, as well as new Vynl. and Mystery Minis dedicated to the denizens of Hogwarts and beyond.

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley join Potter in Herbology class where they learn to cautiously pluck the loud and deadly mandrake root from the soil. The trio of gardeners arrives in separate Pop!s or in a Barnes & Noble exclusive 3-pack.

Dobby is the biggest Pop! (literally) in the new set as Funko’s latest 10-inch exclusive. He’ll be joined on the Target shelves by 6-inch-tall Basilik, who makes his Funko debut.

Gilderoy Lockhart (Barnes & Noble) and Tom Riddle (Target) each earn two new Pops and variants. Ginny Weasley has her hands on Riddle’s diary. Meanwhile, Nearly Headless Nick is…well…nearly headless.

Granger and Weasley also receive the Vynl. treatment from Funko, including a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

The collection is rounded out with a 21-piece Mystery Mini series with exclusives found at Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic and Target. The set introduces the likes of Dolores Umbridge and Gregory Goyl, as well as Argus Filtch and his cat Mrs. Norris.

The Harry Potter collection won’t hit the stores until July. But you can preorder yours today, so you can spend the summer playing Quidditch.

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