Funko, Steven Universe Reveal Pop! Pink Diamond Bombshell

Spoiler Alert!

Raise your hand if you knew that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond.

Don’t feel bad. We didn’t see it coming, either.

We do know that we’d like to get our hands on Pop! Pink Diamond, Funko’s rendition of the new character that’s tearing asunder everything we knew about the Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe.”

The Pop! Animation figure is available now, but the Hot Topic exclusive doesn’t figure to stick around long. Look for it in stores or at

Pop! Pink Diamond

One thought on “Funko, Steven Universe Reveal Pop! Pink Diamond Bombshell

  • May 8, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Might want to make those spoilers not visible on the front page of the site.

    I hope Pink Diamond – and the rest of the Crystal Gems – get the Rock Candy treatment they so deserve, soon.

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