Funko Flexes Its Muscles With New “Incredibles 2” Collection

Grab your slippers and robe, Mr. Incredible. You’re staying at home today with the kids while your wife, Elastigirl, takes on The Underminer.

If you had the superpowers of Helen Parr’s alter ego, it’d be easy for you to scoop up Funko’s latest collection of “The Incredibles 2” products.

But since you don’t, you’re going to have to use the old fashion way to go about adding the new Pop!, Mystery Minis and Rock Candy figures dedicated to the Disney sequel that will hit the theaters on June 15.

All told, Funko is rolling out 14 new “Incredibles 2” Pop! figures, including Funko Shop, FYE, Hot Topic and Target exclusives.

Funko didn’t stop there, filling out its impressive collection with SuperCute Plushes, pens and key chains.

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Pop! Elastigirl 

2 thoughts on “Funko Flexes Its Muscles With New “Incredibles 2” Collection

  1. So glad the family and frozone is getting an updated set. Do wish for Mirage, Syndrome, and Edna would get new ones. Very hopeful these will sell well so we might get lucky.

    1. The new trailer for this movie looks great. Hopefully you’re right and they extend the collection.

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