The Wasp Teams With Pop! Ant-Man To Fight Ghost

Funko’s Pop! Ant-Man colony got bigger this week with the addition of the Wasp into the Pop! Marvel universe.

Ant-Man and his new partner take on Ghost in this summer’s “Ant-Man 2” sequel, as well as in Pop! form.

Scott Lang’s alter-ego and the Wasp each receive original Pop! figures, as well as unmasked chase variants.

Funko also introduces Ghost to its catalog along with a chase treatment, which will be will be limited exclusively to Walmart.

In addition to the Pop!s, Funko also unveiled new Ant-Man and the Wasp key chains.

The “Ant-Man 2” collection won’t be available until later this summer, but you can preorder yours today.

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3 thoughts on “The Wasp Teams With Pop! Ant-Man To Fight Ghost

  1. It makes absolutely zero sense why or how this movie would be released after Infinity War. This is gonna be a huge flop!

    1. From what’s been going around it sounds like they’re gonna delve more into the Quantam Realm because of the events in Infinity War. In the comics they go back in to save Hanks wife so it’s probably gonna tie in to whoever “dies” in the Disney sense of the word.

  2. Well if you notice ant man wasnt in infinity war and marvel has done an amazing job overlapping the movies with one another. Im sure the powers that be know what they are doing with the MCU …

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