The Sandlot Pop! Figures Take The Field

Your new The Sandlot Pop! figure is definitely not killing us, Smalls.

Scotty Smalls and his childhood buddies from the timeless summer film “The Sandlot” turn 25 years old this year. To celebrate, Funko has turned the baseball-loving youngsters into Pop! form.The Sandlot Beast Pop!

Joining Smalls is Benny the Jet, Squints and, naturally, the ebullient Ham Porter.

The new line of Pop! Movies figures also features The Beast, available exclusively through GameStop.

The home run in the collection, however, is the Target-only Squints and Wendy Peffercorn 2-Pack.

The Sandlot Pop! figures take the field in June. We suggest you don’t let The Beast get a hold of them.

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The Sandlot Benny Pop!

The Sandlot Squints Pop!The Sandlot Ham Pop!

The Sandlot Pop!

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