Take Me Out To The Pop! MLB Game

Play ball!

The boys of summer are back in action today as families throughout the nation play hooky to catch baseball’s opening day.

Funko got into the swing of things while teams were still in spring training this February, announcing a much-needed new installment to its Pop! MLB collection. The 19-player set is an upgrade to its line of hardball Pop! figures, which previously consisted of mascots (think Mr. Met and the Phillie Phanatic) and “King” Felix Hernandez – who, like Funko, is a Seattle hometown favorite.

Aaron Judge Pop!The Sandlot Ham Pop!

There is a good reason why baseball is the country’s national pastime. Simply put, baseball is able to reach across and unite generations of fans, people who love an afternoon at the ballpark with a mouthful of peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

For every Aaron Judge or Yadier Molina, there’s a Ham Porter or Scott Smalls, kids who play simply for that very love of the game…and Cracker Jacks.

Funko will honor the latter with its upcoming Pop! Movie series dedicated to the timeless baseball classic The Sandlot, due to hit the shelves in early summer.

But why stop there? Which baseball Pop! figures, both real and fictional, should be created next? The options are limitless.

The Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn Pop! could give ’em the heater. A Babe Ruth Pop! (with hot dog variant) is a no-brainer. And the Ted Williams’ Pop! could emulate that of (headless) Ned Stark. Did someone suggest a “Nuke” LaLoosh Pop!, yet?

Who would you like to see become the next baseball Pop! figures?

Pop! MLB

29 thoughts on “Take Me Out To The Pop! MLB Game

  1. A Field of Dreams line and/or Bull Durham line would be outstanding!
    (I’d also buy a Jobu Pop with rum and cigar would also be a pre-order for me!)

    1. It really is limited with baseball. You could do a classic New York Yankees, alone.

  2. What about Roy Hobbs from The Natural? Or maybe Pops! for the original Bad News Bears, like Kelly Leak, Tanner and Engelberg.

    1. Think of how good the Major League series could be. Ricky Vaughn? Cerrano? Willie May Hays!?!?

      1. while we are at it, lets hit other baseball films to like A League of Thier Own, The Natural amd Field of Dreams (there’s a great movie moment pop possibility.

    1. That’s a great idea. What about a Baseball Moments collection? You could include things such as Bill Buckner’s error and Steve Bartman.

  3. MLB Legends. With players like Ty Cobb, Lou Gherig, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Reggie Jackson, Steve Garvey, Sandy Koufax, Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers, Randy Johnson, Mark Fidritch (The Bird), Randy Jones, Craig Nettles, George Brett, Robin Yount, Bucky Dent, Carl Yastremski, Roger Clemens, Johnny Bench, Mickey Rivers, Willie Stargell, Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, holy hell I could do this all day, Mariano Rivera, Valenzuela, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, the other juice head from the Phillies, Pete Rose!….

    And on and on and on…

    Father’s Day gifts galore. And new pops for us old guys. 🙂

  4. They reeeeally need to do a Pop! figure of Paul Goldschmidt of the Arizona Diamondbacks!! And while im at it, i think that each team needs to have at least 1 player represented in Pop! form before any teams in wave 1 get any more players represented.

    1. Agreed. That’s a great idea. Just like the All-Star game. Every team gets represented.

  5. Billy Chapel…. along with every other Kevin Costner baseball roll. Get a Ray Kinsella and a Terrence Mann 2-Pack or Ridez with them in the VW bus?!! How ‘bout Archie “Moonlight” Graham (with Dr. Graham variant)?!

  6. A Hall of famers 5 pack!(in sephia). And definitely one of each team for wave one as already stated from someone else. And maybe a general manager series.

  7. I need a Ken Griffey Jr Pop, with his cap backwards and his stance after his swing. Mariners jsy, Reds Exclusive alt. jsy!

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