New Girl is the Newest Pop! Television Star

The “New Girl” will say goodbye to the airwaves this summer after seven seasons.

Fans of the hit Fox sitcom, however, don’t have to wait for syndicated reruns to keep laughing along with Jess and her roommates Nick, Schmidt and Winston.

New Girl Schmidt Pop!

The four Los Angeles buddies join the Pop! family in June, but you can preorder yours today.

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Pop In A Box (US)
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New Girl Jess Pop!New Girl Nick Pop!New Girl Winston Pop!

4 thoughts on “New Girl is the Newest Pop! Television Star

    1. It did, in fact, get cancelled. But Fox made a late decision to bring it back for one last season.

    2. Firefly lasted on season in 2002 and they released pops for it in 2014. I think this is fine.

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