Good News, Everyone!

As Bender said best, we’re back, baby!

Whew. We needed some time for our Brain Spawn to wrap their minds around more than 150 new items announced in February by Funko at the 2018 New York City Toy Fair.

Raise your hand if you were just as pleasantly surprised as us by the addition of iconic movie Pops! such as “Coming to America,” “The Princess Bride,” and “It.” Perhaps it was the debut of Saturday Night Live characters, Rainbow Brite or the Ed Sheeran Pop! that had you thinking out loud.

Did we mention the SuperCute Plush Bob Ross?

The Brain Spawn have been busy updating our catalog with the latest Toy Fair releases and much more from the Funko galaxy. We’re always looking for your help. Let us know if you see any Pop! figures that somehow slipped by us and into a nearby black hole.

Set your faces to stunned. It’s going to be a busy 2018, beginning with a nod to this year’s Academy Award winners.

4 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. Might be a rumor but there’s 6 last Jedi pops coming with two movie moments, Rey vs praetorian and kylo vs praetorians. I think they released concept art only maybe

  2. You guys need to wrap your head around a way to be more current. Popspedia stays more accurate than you guys

    1. The only thing that Popspedia doesn’t have is the diversity of items like PPG. I wish there was a way for both to have all the items & stay current. I like using both & would love having two guides + eBay to cross-reference selling & keeping my collection logged.

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