Toy Fair 2018 Round-up!

Funko plan on making many (maaaannnyyy) product announcements today so be sure to check back on this post for all of the news as fast as we can post it! (You can find pre-order links for most of these reveals over at our Coming Soon page!)


Marvel – X-Men

Five Nights at Freddy’s 

Rainbow Brite

Rick & Morty


Coming to America


Super Troopers

The Princess Bride

Stranger Things

Pee-Wee Herman

Saturday Night Live


Game of Thrones

Star Wars




Musicians (Updated)

It (Updated)

Black Panther

Atomic Blonde

Jurassic World

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Tomb Raider

Gossip Girl (Updated)

The Jetsons

Harry Potter

Marvel Games

Ready Player One


Smallfoot (concept art)

Lord of the Rings

Bob Ross

A Wrinkle in Time



Winnie the Pooh

Mr Rogers (Updated)

Monsters Inc


Nightmare Before Christmas




15 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2018 Round-up!

  1. Motley Crue was my favorite band growing up. They were my first concert when I was 13 and it’s still my favorite concert ever. So of course I was excited about the Crue being released in Pop form. Preordered and can’t f’n wait! These will be “Red Hot”!

  2. Seems like funko is getting rid of the old star wars stock in favor of maybe the Han solo line. A lot of stores are having sales on the star wars pops, especially walmart

  3. Just want to say that Wal-Mart has put the Luke Skywalker with X wing deluxe up online as well as the death star 3 pack. They’re both retail and the 3 pack has been on and off all day. I’ve already bought my x wing, I know they’re pretty widely wanted in the community

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