Search! Search! Search! All Day Long.

Hey PPG’ers!

Update about the search issues we have been having!

Yesterday we finally released the fix for the search issues. A quick background, the search was breaking (very basically) because the Funko catalog had grown so large. Each time the catalog would index (update any changes to information/new items) it would take ~40m and cause a server timeout. Our fix has the indexing time down to ~63s and doesn’t dump our entire catalog while its running.

We are so sorry this took so long to fix, that the issues had compounded to get as bad as it was and the inconvenience this caused you. The fix is in though, performance is VASTLY improved and we won’t have the downtimes with search.

13 thoughts on “Search! Search! Search! All Day Long.

    1. There are a few factors that went into us being behind the curve with an app. It’s very expensive with how large our catalog is. That being said we are talking almost daily about how we can get this done. We know it’s overdue and we are trying to get it done.

  1. Love ppg it’s pretty much my bible but noticed that one of my pops went dramatically down so I checked past sales to see why and I realized that sales without boxes or lots of damage are goin to same place maybe yu could put two prices in box n out of box.most ppl sell job a lot cheaper therefore bringing down the price of ib pops. Thank u

      1. Hey There! Every eBay listing is assigned by hand and while we try to catch all of the damaged boxes and OOB, if the description doesn’t say damaged we generally miss them as it would take a lifetime to check every single image. The OOB mistakes happen sometimes too but that is more of a ‘moving too quickly for our own good’ mistake haha.

        That being said, if you see something questionable or the OOB items please report them! We try to get reported listings done within 2 days, with all of the search things that happened the last few weeks have been slow on reported listings. Funny enough I am doing reported listings all day today to catch them up.

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