Emerald City ComiCon reveals: Day 2

Day 2 of Funko’s Emerald City ComiCon reveals focused on TV. Six POP!s and one Vynl set were announced today.

Animated Shows

  • Care Bears are represented by a flocked variant of Good Luck Bear
  • Masters of the Universe has the only Number Limited item of the day. A Vynl set of the Sorceress & Beast Man will be limited to only 2500 pieces.
  • Rick and Morty will have 2 figures available. Alien Rick and Alien Morty bring this 3-eyed and 4-armed pair from another multi-verse into our very own.

Live Action Shows

  • Game of Thrones army of the undead increase by a large amount with the inclusion of an Giant Wight
  • Stranger Things continues with digitizing with 8-Bit Barb
  • Doctor Who has another companion join the line-up. Amy Pond appears in her Police Woman Kiss-O-Gram outfit, as she wore it before the Raggedy Man re-entered her life.


Shared locations and availability will be shared on February 28.

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