Emerald City Comic Con reveals: Day 1

Emerald City Comic Con starts in one month, Funko showed us the first of their exclusives for it today. Today was dedicated to the Disney Company. We expect a few more days of exclusives to be coming soon. Funko announced that the availablity if these pieces outside of the convention itself will be announced on February 28th.

Exclusives from Marvel, Star Wars and Disney include 1 dorbz, 5 POP! figures, and 1 plushie. Funko also revealed 2 low production number exclusives from LoungeFly.

From Toy Story, we will be getting a green Army Man, included in the modeling is the iconic base that holds his feet together. And from Moana, Shark Head Maui reminds us that using a magical fishhook to transform into different animals takes a little practice to get right again if you are out of practice.


2 POP!s and a Dorbz repersent Marvel’s showing at Funko’s ECCC booth.

  • Deadpool Duck is the only Dorbz announced today.
  • She-Hulk is ready to go to court in her lawyer suit.
  • Yondu comes flying in like Mary Poppins.

Star Wars:
Cuddle up with the limited edition plushie of Ahsoka or prepare for battle with the Geonosian variant of the Padme Amidala POP!

8 thoughts on “Emerald City Comic Con reveals: Day 1

    1. Hot topic still has them online for relatively cheap unless you’re talking about the plush…the pop is online still.

  1. So they’ll have different releases per day? Here I was scrambling to get Thursday tickets.

    1. It will be available in Seattle at the Emerald City Comicon. Funko will announce if it will be available elsewhere on February 28th.

  2. I am.confused…..i.have thursday ticket so that means i dont have a chance of even trying to get emerald batman? This makes it difficult for someone flying in and have to fly back ans missing the other days to go back to work. This is one expensive trip. Im already disappointed, even more so if i dont get picked for the lottery system. SIGH* Normally im available all 4 days but no media pass this time…. #bummed

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