Target Funko Friday: Gizmoduck Pop Up For Order

It’s the second weekly Funko Friday at, and today’s item is Gizmoduck from Duck Tales. It is currently up for order at $8.99. If you click through and it shows out of stock, make sure to check back later, as these will likely go in and out of stock throughout the day.

7 thoughts on “Target Funko Friday: Gizmoduck Pop Up For Order

  1. I’m a new collector and i think this is really cool, It was a must pickup for me that and the new black panther walmart exclusive that i cant find.

  2. Just starting to collect pops. Had to have gizmo duck, was a little disappointed with the paint job and he was dirty too. Still a cool pop, I may just leave him in the box.

    1. NO…. if it has some kind of paint in the wrong spot, Funko doesn’t consider them to be defects, nor will they accept them as a return.

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