Site Maintenance And Down Time Tomorrow

Update: Servers are all back! Maintenance was finished up properly and we should see stability improvements! Thank you for all of your patience.

As many of you have noticed, the servers were having some trouble with overall traffic and it was causing the search feature to start returning zero results for basic search terms like ‘Batman’.

We have been diagnosing and quick fixing the issue by restarting the servers to fix load errors but it is time to do some server maintenance to bring a more permanent solution to the issues we have been experiencing.

We are scheduling our maintenance for tomorrow, January 4th, and will be down between the hours of 6AM EST and 9AM EST. We  We hope that these hours of downtime will minimize the disruption of normal use.


2 thoughts on “Site Maintenance And Down Time Tomorrow

  1. I’ve noticed that simple terms don’t really go through that often, like for example Dumbo, or Charlie.

    1. So sorry I am just replying to this! I never saw a notification. Those more basic terms not going through was probably having to do with the server stress associated with simpler terms. The problem as a whole had to do with old code not handling the traffic well. Hopefully the upgrades clean up the instability!

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