Poll: Who else would you like to see from The Last Jedi?

Love it or hate it, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been yet another blockbuster in the Star Wars universe and the topic of many a conversation over the last month-plus. It has created a bit of a division among fans, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing the domestic box office to $600 million and worldwide to nearly $1.3 billion as of today. (Side note: let’s not let any sort of negativity invade the comments of this post. It’s meant to focus on the characters, not the endless squabbling about the movie.)

As is with every Star Wars movie, a wide array of characters – from humans to the most bizarre of aliens, from young to old, from well-known cameos to surprise newcomers – graced the screen and left the door open for the merchandise barrage that comes from Star Wars movies. By my quick count, over 30 Pops have been released so far, with 20 characters, a dozen variants, a pair of vehicles, and a handful of reboxed figures making up that lot. Despite that, there are still some untapped characters that are no doubt due the Pop Vinyl treatment. If you were to choose the next six figures to be released from The Last Jedi, what would they be? I’ve included a list of 20 characters below, some not quite as well-known as others, so I’ve added some images below the poll for reference. Enjoy!

If you could choose the next six Pops made from The Last Jedi, who would they be? (Choose up to 6)

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Disclaimer: This is not an official Funko poll, just something we at PPG are doing for fun.

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24 thoughts on “Poll: Who else would you like to see from The Last Jedi?

  1. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but the only one I’m even remotely interested in is Canto Bight police, and I hated that whole sequence.

  2. Paige Tico. Hero! Out-shined but a bright star and wonderful part of the story none-the-less.

  3. Honestly… none of the above though we may get DJ in disguise, Paige and something else from Canto Bight anyways. Personally I’d like to see a Vulptex Pop. They could make a glitter/glow chase.

    1. YES!!! That is a very good idea, the crystal foxes are one of the coolest creatures in TLJ.

  4. Hmm. Not many new characters, just variants. Like Rey with Kylo’s lightsaber, Battle Damaged Phasma, force projection Luke, levitating luke, and of course, Shirtless Kylo.

  5. The only ones I would ever get from th last Jedi (and I liked the movie) would be shirtless Kylo Ren or the monster thing that Luke milked. The former is just cause of the memeness of it and would be kinda like the goldblum we just got from Jurassic Park and the latter just cause it’s a weird ass design and was a funny scene also if they made Luke with the milk bottle as a variant which I saw a custom of

  6. If they haven’t done this then Captain Phasma with her eye showing from the fight scene with Finn and Captain
    Phasma. Also, a movie moments of Kylo Ren swinging his light saber at Luke Skywalker and Luke Skywalker dodging it on Crait. That is all I can think of.

  7. Kaydel, because Carrie Fisher’s daughter should seriously be a pop already. Outside of that, I think it’d be wise to not produce more pops than they already have for TLJ that isn’t a Ben Swolo or projection Luke. The characters all fell flat and I don’t see any demand for them.

  8. I don’t think we need any more, but I would buy a crystal fox and a titty walrus if they were made.

    For the poll, I voted for three, based on ones that would make good shelf-mates for ones we already have: Caretaker (to go w/ Luke and Rey), Paige (to go w/ Rose), and DJ in disguise (to go w/ Finn and Rose).

  9. Master Codebreaker? REALLY? That guy we saw for all off 2 seconds? C’MON FUNKO! Y’all are just throwing crap like monkeys at this point…

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