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New Star Wars and FNAF Exclusives Coming to Walmart

Two new Walmart exclusives have been revealed on the Funko blog. Fans will see a Withered Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy’s as well as an amazing Death Star 3-Pack from Star Wars, including a Gunner, Officer, and Trooper. Walmart is no stranger to FNAF or Star Wars 3-pack exclusives, so hopefully these will be available in abundance at your local stores. These are due to hit in February.

3 thoughts on “New Star Wars and FNAF Exclusives Coming to Walmart

      1. Thanks man. I’m hoping they have as many X-wints as the movie moments. My Wal-Mart has like 30 and I really want this X-wing. I actually bought the Last Jedi box just for Poe’s X-Wing.

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