Marketplace Feedback, Engage. Data Collection, Commencing.

Hey PPG’ers,

We have a marketplace update for you!

Feedback is now live on the marketplace for buyers and sellers. We think it is important for any marketplace to have feedback options and are building that into the system. In the first version of feedback we are collecting data and information, so the feedback left will only be visible to the buyer and seller involved. The ability to leave feedback will also be available on all past orders as well! (Granted you registered your email in the checkout process).

Once enough reviews come in we will display feedback directly on the marketplace, first we want to make sure all of the information is displaying correctly so you can make more informed purchasing decisions based on history.

The feedback button is currently living within each cart, found in your buyer dashboard!

(Marketplace landing page)
(Buyer Dashboard Home)
(Cart View)

It is a simple and straightforward system, 5 stars to rate the overall experience and a comment section to leave a description. Please keep it respectful and constructive so that everyone,  ourselves included, can keep improving and providing better and better experiences.

For a more detailed description of the feedback system, check out the hobbyDB help article, here.

As always, we want to know your thoughts! Please send your questions, comments, concerns, orrr FEEDBACK (see what I did there?) to Thanks so much for using and following Pop Price Guide!

Cheers and Happy Collecting,

The Pop Price Guide Team

4 thoughts on “Marketplace Feedback, Engage. Data Collection, Commencing.

    1. As we build out the marketplace we will be able to talk about building more unique features like local sales. Currently though, working on making the marketplace easier and better to use is at the top of our minds.

      We are working on things like integrating a shipping calculator so that it’ll be easier to know what to charge for shipping and a navigation menu for the marketplace so it is easier to browse. Eventually you will start to see some really unique options to set the marketplace apart, for now we really want a clean experience for both sellers and buyers.

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