Introducing HeroWorld by Funko

What better way to start off the new year than with a new line of vinyl figures by Funko. Today Funko announced HeroWorld, a line of 4″ vinyl figures with a presence in many popular franchises. To me, these have the flavor of a couple of figure lines in the past, namely Hasbro’s Galactic (etc) Heroes, Disney’s Infinity figures, and the current Playskool Heroes lines. These are set to hit Target stores and this week. Will you be picking these up? Answer our poll at the bottom of this post.

Funko is excited to introduce our newest vinyl collectible figures – HeroWorld!
Exclusive to Target and, HeroWorld includes various worlds and features your favorite heroes from DC Comics, Five Nights at Freddy’s,
Teen Titans Go!, Power Rangers, and Scooby-Doo!

HeroWorld 4” vinyl figures will make the perfect addition to your collection. For fans and collectors of all ages, you can find HeroWorld figures as part of both 5-packs and additional 2-pack sets of characters to expand your roster of heroes.

Look for HeroWorld at Target stores and this week!

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11 thoughts on “Introducing HeroWorld by Funko

  1. strange how Five Nights at Freddy’s is getting a set even though they’re not for kids

  2. No surprise this product will be dead on arrival. Funko misses the mark again by introducing a heroic-themed line and starts it by including FNaF and the mystery squad of Scooby Doo over Hanna-Barbera’s notable Johnny Quest or other HB Super Heroes.

  3. There is nothing in this group that i’ll be purchasing, thats for sure. Being a somewhat newer collector ( year and a half ) i was hoping for some ” different” pops, but between the fiasco with using their website to buy exclusives that scalpers get, and a lack of variety of other Funko items it seems to me that Funko is going the way of the now departed Beanie Babies. I just hope they can get their act together in many ways. Hope im wrong but idk.

    1. You’re not all wrong and the beanie babies comparison is merited. To me it seems like Funko is beating their licensing agreements to death and just shoveling out new products/lines in hopes of a last ditch Hail Mary pass. I’ve been collecting for a few years now and my buying has been cut way back. There was a time that I was adding several figures to my collection per week, and actively hunting/pre ordering them…now IF I’m in a store and see a figure I like I may pick it up, or I may not. First off I buy these figure because I like them, but I wont lie; when I see a figure I own go up in value it definitely puts a smile on my face and that’s half the fun. Lately I feel like 2/3 of my collection is worth less than the retail price I paid for them. The writing has been on the wall for awhile now, Funko products are virtually everywhere now from Bed Bath and Beyond to the dollar stores and well stocked at that. While I know for the most part they are only meeting the consumer demand for the products, they are absolutely killing the collecting aspect of the hobby and probably pushing many of the collectors that originally brought Funko to royalty out the door because many skus will never be worth a penny more than what was paid for them. Even the Chase figure are barely gaining any value due to being 1/6 as apposed to the original 1/36. I collect because I enjoy but when your collection’s value is less than the money invested in it, it is not a good sign. It’s sad but I really feel the end is nigh for Funko…and sooner than most may think.

  4. The sculpt on all these remind me of the Titan Metals figures. And I’m guessing FNAF, TTG, and Scooby Doo are their highest sellers to begin with? I give it a month before these go the way of the Hikari or reaction figures.

    1. The sculpts scream “Disney Infinity figures”, even the 2 pack packaging has an eerily similar look. I personally loved the Hikari line (I know I’m in the minority with that opinion) and its a shame I paid such high retail prices for them here in Canada, because they are currently worth next to nothing LOL.

  5. Well…i kinda like the style and im willing to buy Starfire & Wonder Woman but…their both in Sets were you have to buy other Figures too so…sorry no buy

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