Introducing Funko Fridays at

Beginning today and running every Friday for eight weeks, Target and Funko are teaming to offer an exclusive Pop and shirt set only at The first combo – Holographic Kylo Ren – was released today, and unfortunately sold out quickly. We’ll do our best to have links up as these go live in future weeks.

21 thoughts on “Introducing Funko Fridays at

  1. I could have landed one early in the morning,saw it up,added to cart,got to check out and laughed at the $32 price tag,pass.

    1. It was $25 for me shipped to store. Even if it was $32, that’s a great price for an exclusive shirt and Funko pop.

      1. Thing is I don’t care bout the embossed foiled box or the shirt.Id rather just pay 15 for the freaking pop,cash grab.👎

  2. I can never find target exclusives at any of my regional stores. I’m not getting my hopes up for this, even if I don’t have to find it in store.

  3. There’s plenty on eBay at triple the original price. The value of anything is only what people are willing to pay. Sad but true. This is gonna get ruined just like beanie babies were. One fad replaces the last. Personally, I refuse to pay more than $15 for them.

  4. I don’t even bother with Target Exclusives. I recently found out my local store’s employees horde them for themselves and then purchase them after their shift is over.

    1. That is why it was so hard to find the 10 inch Groot and Hulk. The same goes for any exclusive at any of the stores especially if its a chase.

  5. I ordered two. I’m looking forward to the Gizmoduck and Black Panther variants. Remember the price includes a T-shirt.

    1. Not on all of them. Gizmoduck and oddjob are just the pops. Kylo is the only one so far with a shirt.

    1. Why? It will only increase the difficulty of finding any exclusives. I don’t see the point in hating on the employees regarding an online only item.

  6. I was on the website on time, ordered 2 (one for me and one for my brother). Checked out, said it was OK… 2 minutes later , I received an email saying it has been canceled. No reason why. Ordered it again. same thing… Did it 7 times with different payment methods. (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal)
    Contacted the support, they couldn’t tell me why it was getting canceled. They told me to wait 2 hours for contacting 2nd level support. Then it got sold out!
    I finally bought them on eBay for double the price!

    1. They sold out way too quickly…. Does anyone know the exact time that these things are available at

  7. These went live at 12:04 am PST and remained available for most of the day going in and out of stock.

  8. Whoever thought it was a good idea giving Target & Walgreens exclusives needs to be given a good thumping. For those of us collecting Pops outside the Continental USA, getting our hands on these things is both hard and bloody expensive!

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