Cthulhu Plush and Bananya Plush Exclusives

In addition to previously announced Bananya plushes, Funko has shown off three new exclusives – Namasta Bananya and The Mice can be found at Barnes & Noble, while Bananya Bunch will be available at Hot Topic.

Then we have…Cthulhu. You know, the horrifying creature created by H.P. Lovecraft, the monster so terrifying it was beyond description? Well now, you can get this terrifying beast in four SuperCute Plush versions. Yes, Cthulhu has been lumped in the same category as Disney Princesses. These 12″ plushes will be avaiable in Dark Green, Light Green (BAM exclusive), Pink Goth (Toys R Us), and Turquoise (Hot Topic). Mr. Lovecraft would be so proud.


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