Check Out Our Updated Coming Soon Page!

Are you aware that we have a list of upcoming Funko products on our Coming Soon page? We try to maintain this list as much as possible, but I’ll be the first to admit we tend to fall behind at times due to other priorities on the site. I, however, am going to make a concerted effort to ensure this is updated on a more regular basis to give you all the best, most up to date information we can get. After today’s update, the list is 300+ items strong, with preorder links to our fine sponsors where you can secure your items for delivery when they ship.

7 thoughts on “Check Out Our Updated Coming Soon Page!

  1. The only problem with the list, and I’m not criticizing the site at all, just the reality of it, is that more and more and more gets added, but there’s no way to see only the newest stuff added. For that, you have to look at the Newly Added to the Guide page, which is extremely useful. Having to dig through 300+ Funko products, without being able to sort Pops from Dorbz from t-shirts and keychains, trying to spot the things that have been thrown in there that you haven’t seen before, that’s a daunting process.

  2. Many new Rick & Morty ones i have preordered, are not on their either. Its fine though, don’t feel like you’re letting us down 🙂

  3. Can we please have an update on the selling page allowing for people to sell locally? That way people can list items for example in north Hollywood and people can meet up locally and the person can put an address for local pick up like a park or potential buyers can message/email/text to pick up from the persons house. That would help a lot for people who don’t want to ship and also besides selling locally have a trading place so local pop collectors can trade with each other instead of using apps like offer up.

    1. Can we also have an update for example when we search game of thrones to list them according to highest to lowest price or vice verse or only search for the exclusives? That way people don’t have to look over 10 pages to see what pop is worth the most in the line and which one is exclusive.

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