Here Is Your Golden Ticket! No Really, Replica Golden Tickets.

When we first came across Wonka Pops, we knew that the greater Pop! collecting community needed to hear about it. We even dedicated a special Collector Showcase to talk about the store!

Well, Paris is back with a Holiday Gift and asked us if we would help spread the word. (Hint: Of course we will this is collection is awesome!)

This unique and rare collection of Willy Wonka Memorabilia is Pure Imagination! From cast pictures to release posters and Golden Tickets to Pop! sets, Wonka Pops has a unique set of collectibles we want to share with you!

Make sure to check out the Autographed Limited Set Of 5 Pop Vinyl, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed Mike Teevee image and a Replica Golden Ticket. Have a blast checking out all of the nostalgia-inducing items at the Wonka Pops Store!


This is a place for collecting, not self satisfying articulations of one's projected value. Man, I really like how that sounds.